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Covid-19 Precautions

As Wish More Hotel İstanbul, health and safety of our guests and our employees has always been our top priority. We have been closely following the updates and the reportes about Covid-19 pandemic by the World Health  Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health since the first day.  Besides these measures implemented by the stated authorities, we proud to be announcing that we are welcoming our guests with the Safe Tourism Certificate which is provided by  Bureau Veritas certificate authority.

Necessary measures have been taken the cleaning and hygiene standarts. New measures in the light of the reports by the World Health Organization, Turkish Ministry of Tourism are added to our already existing measures.

We would like to share with you the additional measures we have taken according to the current state of Covid 19 pandemic.


  • All our employees have been trained on Covid-19 protection methods and contamination conditions by Diversey Türkiye A.S. The trainings are being repeated regulary as of the first day.
  • Our employees undergo medical screening and have their body temperature measured regularly. Any emplyee who is not feeling well is sent to their homes and advised to contact health authorities.
  • Information notes and brochures are placed at common use areas where safe physical distancing rules are applied.
  • Employee uniforms are frequently changed for hygiene purposes.
  • Areas dedicated to our staff have been reorganized according to social distancing rules.
  • All our employees always uses face masks or a face shields and gloves.FRONT OFFICE;
    • All our guests are informed about the practices and measures taken.
    • Check-in and check-out procedures have been reorganized according to social distance rule. Distance signs have been placed to  waiting areas.
    • Luggages and personal belongings of our guests are disinfected before taken to the rooms.
    • Rooms can be shared with 2 guests at most for accommodation.
    • Valet personnel uses disposable mask and gloves, and the car key is disinfected.
    • Our guests are welcomed with the contactless thermomether, disinfection mats and hand disinfection gel. Upon request our guests will be provided with the personal protective equipments.
    • Room cards are disinfected before check-in. Guests are provided disinfected and individually packed pens to fill necessary forms.
    • Room cards returned by our guests are kept in a separate box and disinfected before re-use.
    • Contactless Pos devices are available at our facilities.ROOMS;
      • Our cleaning staff wear mask and gloves. These protective materials are renewed before entering another room and the same conditions apply to all staff.
      • Disinfected tissues are used for cleaning the room.
      • Harmless disinfectants are used for room cleaning. Door handles, faucets , remote controls, telephone, and room cards are disinfected before each check-in.
      • Any paper, cardboard and leather materials other the one’s which is compulsory to keep as well as bedding and decoratives materials have been removed.
      • The glasses at the minibars are disinfected after each accomodation.
      • All linen and textile products are washed at high temperature for a sufficient time before each use.
      • Amenities are replaced after each check-out.
      • Air conditioning outlets and lids in each room are disinfected periodically.
      • Rooms are ventilated with fresh air during cleaning after each check-out.
      • Rooms are disinfected with ULV (chlorine dioxide) after each check-out.


      • The hygiene and cleaning consultancy of public and all areas is provided by Diversey Türkiye A.Ş.
      • Public areas have been reorganized according to safe social distance rule. Necessary measures have been taken, signboards and information notices have been placed .
      • Frequently used areas are subjected to extra disinfection practices.
      • All ventilation systems are frequently disinfected. Indoor spaces are ventilated with fresh air.
      • Signboards and information notices are placed in elevators to enable social distance rule is followed.KITCHEN AREAS;
        • Food safety management system is applied to all our kitchen areas with superior hygiene and quality standarts. Kitchen areas, kitchen utensils, counter surfaces and storage areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
        • Sterilization devices (for hand and body hygiene), equipment and tools are placed in kitchen areas.
        • Kitchen personnel wear a protective mask, bonnet and gloves. Trainings have been given by Diversey Türkiye A.Ş. to kitchen personnel to ensure that all rules are followed.
        • Dishes are washed with 90 degrees celsius water by dishwasher. Disinfected dishes are kept in sterilized areas.


        • Classic menus have been removed from cafe and restaurant, they are replaced with QR code compatible menus and disposable menus. Alternatively standing menü charts have been placed at the cafe and restaurant entrance.
        • Hand disinfection units are available at bars and restaurants.
        • In all Food&Beverage units; table, chair and sitting distances have been rearranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances. Reminders for social distancing have been placed at every waiting points in cafe and restaurant.
        • Cutlery sets are served in disposable packages.
        • Self-service tea and coffee machines in the Food &Beverage areas have been removed. Our responsable staff offers this service.
        • Protective barriers have been designed for contactless serving of food at the open buffet and our responsible staff provide necessery guidance and service.
        • All service staff wear a face mask.
        • Logistics of clean and used materials is organized with separate staff.
        • Disposable tissues are used in all Food & Beverage units.
        • Foods are served with tightly covered lids.
        • Dishes in all F&B units are washed by a dishwasher using 90 degrees celcius waterFitness & Spa
          • It is mandatory to wear mask in enterence and exit of the Fitness&Spa Center.
          • Equipments and tools in fitness&Spa center are reorganized according to safe social distance rule and disinfected after each use.
          • Hand disinfectant automats and surface disinfectants are placed in fitness&spa center.
          • Spa areas (sauna, steam room, Turkish bath and massage room) are closed.
          • Number of the guests who can use the fitness center simultaneously have been rearranged. ONLY guests with reservation are accepted. Fitness center can be used for a period of maximum 120 minutes.
          • Swimming pool, disinfected with chlorine and ozonize, is available for our guests use.
          • Guests should have their personal cleaning supplies such as soap, shower gel, shampoo and towels with them.
          • It is mandatory to use our guests own towels in the fitness center
          • Equipment and tools at the fitness center are disinfected regularly.
          • All the ventiliation systems operate with fresh and outdoor air.
          • Lockers in dressing rooms are reorganized according to safe social distance rule.
          • Cosmetic products and blow dryers in dressing rooms as well as in public areas are not in use.
          • Safe social distance floor markers are placed in group lesson studios.Quality Practices
            • Pandemic security team has been created in our hotel.
            • The Safe Tourism Certificate is provided by Bureau Veritas certificate authority.
            • Suppliers are inspected for cross contamination risk.
            • Suppliers work according to the needs and rules at the delivery areas. Work health and safety risks have been analized, determined and applied.
            • Employee trainings have taken place in our hotel. Detailed trainings carried out by Diversey Türkiye A.Ş.
            • Employees are informed about the updates and increased measures.Storage and Product Receiving Areas
              • Food supplies to our hotel can only be done by approved suppliers. The entry of food supplies to our hotel is accepted after strict controls and disinfection procedures.
              • Storage conditions and productions are entirely hygienic.
              • Hotel staff in charge of food supplies logistics is only accepted to the hotel after body temperature checks.
              • Hotel staff completes hand disinfections and change personel gloves after every discharge of vehicle.